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  1. Unique Infostealer uses phony Pennsylvania Department of Welfare

    Categories: Security

    Unique Infostealer uses phony Pennsylvania Department of Welfare October 13, 2017 A recent phishing attack uses a fake Pennsylvania Department of Welfare document to install malware on victims systems. The decoy appears to be a “public service” message¬†from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare that includes¬†spam mitigation instructions. The malware loads up a document that… Read more »

  2. You May Be the Biggest Security Risk

    Categories: Security

    What is the biggest risk to your network security? October 5, 2017 Unfortunately, many times it is the user behind the keyboard. Social engineering is one of the most frequently used (and successful) tactics to compromise a system. Social engineering is the art of manipulating people into giving up confidential information. Motives can vary, but… Read more »

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