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The Importance of Security Awareness Training for Employees

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The Importance of Security Awareness Training for Employees

October 27, 2017

One of the most important parts of a good security policy includes Security Awareness Training (SAT) for all employees.  Your security policy may even require the need to have vendors or other outsiders to obtain SAT in some form.

Why is SAT so important?

The key is in the word “Awareness”.  This is not training to be a security professional or other technical role, but to ensure that everyone is AWARE of security basics.  Because most people think about security very little, they become easy targets for phishing schemes and drive-by malware installation.  Employees may also be unaware of basic security policies like not storing data on personal devices or unencrypted storage (thumb drives).

Additionally, most all security policies include requirements for SAT.  If you are not doing SAT on a regular basis you are not only putting your organization at risk for a breach but possibly creating a compliance issue.

Types of Security Awareness Training

There are many types of SAT.

Classroom training

Online training

Visual aids (posters in the break room)

Phishing campaigns

Depending on the organization, one or more of these should be effective in delivering SAT.

One of the most common and effective training is the Phishing campaign.  Few things will capture an employees attention quite like the realization that they have fallen for a phishing attack.  There are many ways to do a simulated phishing attack for training.  And given that phishing is the most common and effective means of stealing information (passwords, account info, etc) it is a great place to focus some attention on training.

We offer a free one-time Phishing Simulation Test (PST) using KnowBe4. A Phishing Simulation Test is a great way for your organization to test and train employees.

If you are interested in a free Phishing test or other Security Awareness Training, simply email, call us at 814-742-9750 or complete the Contact Us Form.



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