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Why you shouldn’t store anything in the Outlook Deleted Items Folder

Categories: Office

The first and obvious reason is because the deleted items folder is your virtual GARBAGE CAN.

Although it may be referred to as a folder in Outlook, it’s purpose is not for filing/storing emails which you might want to refer to later.

We do not store anything in the garbage can in the real world to grab it out later right… then why do it in the virtual world.

Here’s why you should NOT file emails to the Deleted Items folder?

  • Like its physical world counterpart (Garbage Can), the Deleted Items folder can be emptied very easily (right-click and then click Empty) causing permanent loss of your filed emails.
  • If your Outlook data file ever gets corrupted due to file size etc. automated recovery programs may try and empty out your Deleted Items folder which could result in the loss of your data.
  • IT Support people helping you with speed problems etc in Outlook may empty your Deleted Items folder before optimizing your file.

If you’re not going to refer to the email again and do not need to keep it (for legal reasons etc) then DELETE IT! Otherwise you need to FILE IT somewhere aside from Outlook’s Deleted Items folder (aka Outlook’s Garbage Bin).

While we are on the topic, the same applies to the Recycle Bin in Microsoft Windows and the Trash Can on a MAC.

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