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W-2 phishing scams are on the way

Categories: Security

The season for W-2 Phishing scams is just around the corner.  For several years, cyber criminals have been using tax season to launch sophisticated social engineering attacks against individuals, payroll departments and HR departments.  The cyber criminals use tactics to trick people into providing W-2 data that they utilize to file fraudulent tax returns and other identity theft.

The typical scenario involves receiving a W-2 phishing email that looks like it comes from a high-level executive asking for W-2 information to be provided by replying to an email or by sending it to another address.

These emails will look very legitimate and will typically have some urgency implied so that the user acts quickly (without thinking).

Warn users to slow down and think about responding to emails requesting sensitive personal data.  This form of “CEO fraud attack” can easily be avoided by some basic awareness training.

Remember, delete any request for personal or financial information via email.  Legitimate organizations never do this.

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